Technology that fills the void

We look at things differently – we see the inefficiencies in workflows, the opportunities to improve output and make work safer, and where technology from one industry can be applied to another industry.


Technology Brands

Unique solutions to solve real-world challenges.

Unbiased Technology Solutions

We’re not affixed to a single solution like most technology companies that are purely SaaS or custom development. Our philosophy is to create the right solution regardless of whether it is software, hardware, or just a change in processes. We evaluate off-the-shelf, custom, or semi-customized technologies to find the right solution and the best short and long-term ROI.

Technology should provide a richer working experience for an end user while creating a stronger ROI for the company than doing things ‘the old fashion way.’



SuperDroid Robots

Designing & building robots for over 20 years!

SuperDroid Robots solves real-world challenges by designing, engineering, and building robots for inspections, tactical (SWAT) teams, university research, and numerous Fortune 500 companies. They also build robot kits and sell robot parts to robotic teams and hobbyists.


Prebuilt Robots

100+ robot models big and small provide the right solution to most challenges.

Custom Robots

Develop custom solutions for white-label resellers and companies with unique challenges.
Descon Plus

Structural engineering software built by Structural Engineers

Descon is the industry-leading, must-have software for Structural Engineers to efficiently design and test steel connections because this powerful tool provides steel code-based calculations, detailed reports, and a visual reference to optimize connection designs.


Robust software,
no coding expertise required

Slabb is a codeless platform we’re currently developing and alpha testing from the ground up. The goal is to create a tool for IT professionals to easily create powerful internal applications with data integrations and queries without the hurdle of knowing how to code and months of development.

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Practical Knowledge

We’re part of the REX.one family of companies and work with team members at our sister companies, REX Construction Services and REX Engineering Group, who provide us with insights from the field.


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Codeless developement platform

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